NIMA DOLL creates and realizes tailor made clothes and accessories for your Blythe-doll with passion and dedication. Custom-dolls are manufactured by careful manual work. High-quality materials, the loving processing and sustainability with nature are making NIMA DOLL unique.

Blythe Dolls –
history, cult and passion

The toy company Kenner originally introduced the Blythe-doll to the US market in 1972. The original full sized doll measures 28 cm respectively 12 inch on a 1/6 scale.

The primary distinctive feature is its oversized eyes. A special mechanism in the back of the head let them change the color and the direction of view. But exactly these oversized eyes were supposed to be the reason why the Blythe-doll became a non-seller. The kids suffered from nightmares caused by these oversized and color changing eyes. After only one year the production of Blythes was stopped. In the following years, only doll-collectors knew about the original Blythe as a curiosity.

In 1997, a US photographer took notice of the Blythe because she got one as a present from a friend. The doll became the first object to try out her new camera and to practice her photographic skills. The result was so convincing that she took her Blythe with her wherever she traveled. She even published a book of Blythe photography. In December 1999, the huge potential of Blythe dolls for the market in Japan got recognized in these Blythe-photographs.

In Japan, the Blythes became very successful and the prices for the old second hand Blythe-dolls exploded literally. In 2001, the two companies Takara and CWC started to produce the first new Blythe doll. Until today, around 50 New-Blythes and 60 Petite-Blythes - the mini version of the original Blythe - have been produced.

In the meantime, a real hype started around the Blythe-doll and numerous enthusiasts worldwide fell in love with it. Carving, grinding, make-up and wigs change its bare appearance. The main target is optimizing its expression and a realistic appearance with a strong character.

The fan community is small but growing steadily. They meet mainly online. But sometimes small conventions take place.